Are you thinking about renovating your house soon?

Indeed, this can be a daunting undertaking! If you have questions that hinder you from starting your renovation plans, we have the answers for you.

Renovation 101: How to get started?

As a homeowner, you should first define your goal. What is your reason for doing a home makeover? Esthetic? Upgrade? Or for selling the property?

Having a clear goal in mind will help you fine-tune your budget and a clear action plan. The style and design theme needs also to be addressed in the preliminary stages of planning. 

After that, three more strategic questions need to be answered.


1. Can you do the renovations yourself, or should you hire a contractor?
2. Which appropriate permits do you need to acquire, if any, and what are the costs associated?
3. Obtain quotes for builder’s insuranc

7 Renovation Ideas with High Returns

Remember that your budget is the primary variable in this decision. After a successful sale, the goal is to get your capital investment back and some revenues.

So, what can you do?

Here are eight renovation ideas that promise higher returns for homeowners

1. Mid-Range Kitchen Remodel

If you are wondering what room in the house needs significant changes, choose the kitchen as it truly is the heart of the home.

A major revamp on your kitchen area can wow a lot of interested buyers. Since this is a place frequented in the house, it makes sense to invest in a mid-range kitchen remodel before selling the property.

Many homeowners are afraid of remodeling the kitchen because they usually think it will cost them a fortune. You do not have to spend much on a kitchen remodel to make a big difference, considering its yield in resale value.

Generally, a kitchen remodel may entail the following:

* Refacing or replacing cabinets
* Swapping out countertops
* Putting in new fixtures
* Replacing some appliances
* Changing of the kitchen floor
* Repainting the kitchen’s interior

2. Garage Door Replacement

Some buyers are particular about the amenities of a house, such as the garage. A garage can greatly impact the resale value and is a highly desirable feature for multiple reasons.

New garage doors can improve your home’s esthetic and give a facelift to the outdoor frontage. Having an old garage door is also likely to cause inconveniences to the new owners due to wear and tear and possible breakdowns.

3. Curb Renovation

When it comes to attracting buyers, curb appeal has a huge impact. It’s the first thing that hits the eyes, and it should be a pleasant and refreshing sight.

First impressions are important as they draw the buyers into the home on a positive note. The most common choice for curb renovation is the use of manufactured stone veneers.

Another form of improving curb appeal is to tend to the landscaping. A freshly mowed lawn, beautiful flowers, and grown shrubs will do wonders. It shows the new buyers that there is a level of pride in homeownership which goes a long way.

4. Main Door Replacement

You have one chance to capture the attention of interested homebuyers as they drive through the neighborhood. Upgrading the front door to a new one with a sleek, modern design will elevate the feel of the home as a whole.

It is a good idea to match the design of the home’s interior so that the theme is cohesive from the outside in. We want to evoke a feeling of oneness and that the outside ties in with the inside.

5.Fireplace Renovation

Having a beautiful, cozy fireplace is highly revered and actually attracts buyers to spend more because of this feature. 

6.Add an Attic Bedroom

A lot of homes have attics that are stuffed full and used as storage. Instead, the attic should be cleaned out and redone as an extra bedroom.

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