Alderwood is a well-established family-oriented neighbourhood situated in the south-west part of Toronto. Alderwood has a strong home and school association and a privately run daycare facility called “Alderwood Action Alliance” which operates out of Sir Adam Beck School. 

About Alderwood

Alderwood was originally known as New Toronto Park or New Toronto Heights, or simply as “the place above the tracks.” Alderwood was the home of the six O’Connor sisters who achieved great fame in the 1910s touring North America’s vaudeville theatres. The O’Connor sisters were often featured on the same bill with stars such as Jimmie Durante, Al Jolson, and Sophia Tucker.

Alderwood’s farms began to be subdivided for residential development in the 1920s; however, most of this neighbourhood’s development occurred after World War II. Many streets in Alderwood are named after the original farmers in this area like Brown, Evans, Lunness, and Horner.

The Alderwood name officially came into use in 1933 when the local post office was opened. Robert Johnson, a long-time Alderwood resident, is credited with originating the name Alderwood. He derived this name from the First Nations word “Etobicoke,” meaning “the place where the alders grow.”

Alderwood Stats

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