Humber Baye Shores

Humber Bay is a bay at Lake Ontario, south of Toronto. It is located between Ontario Place on the east and Mimico Creek to the west. The bay gives its name to Etobicoke’s Humber Bay neighbourhood.

About Humber Bay Shores

The history of the Humber Bay neighbourhood began in 1888 with the opening of the first Humber Bay schoolhouse on the High Street. Approximately thirty-five children attended the school in its first year. The Humber Bay school was gradually expanded and eventually became the focal point of this community, hosting ratepayers meetings, school concerts, movies, and various sports activities.

Humber Bay is a quaint, middle-income neighbourhood bound on the west by the Mimico Creek and on the east by the Humber River Valley. These natural boundaries have shaped the topography of this area, which features rolling hills and many mature trees.

Humber Bay Stats

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